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Past Conferences and Events

January Associates meeting will feature Michael Spence, Professor Emeritus of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford and the 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics.
January, 2009
John Lipsky, First Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and George Shultz, SIEPR Honorary Chair and Hoover Senior Fellow, will share their views on economic policy around the globe--Special San Francisco event--by invitation only.

December, 2008
Duncan Green, Head of Research, Oxfam and author of From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States Can Change the World.

November, 2008
SIEPR Advisory Board member and SV entrepreneur, Kanwal Rehki will speak at a breakfast in November--by invitation only.

November 7, 2008
SIEPR Policy Forum on Entrepreneurs and the Economy: Creating the Future in Tough Times .
Keynote Speaker, Hal Varian, Google's chief economist

November 7, 2008
SCID China Conference on Economic Policy Reform.

October, 2008
Associates meeting featuring Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman Goldman Sachs International.

October, 2008
Putting Our House In Order: Social Security and Health Care Reform
George P. Shultz and John B. Shoven will describe the looming U.S. entitlement crisis and a unique approach to solving it in a -No Fee- Webinar (an interactive Web presentation).
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Co-Sponsored by
Corporate Research Group &

September 29, 2008
Associates meeting featuring the Presidential candidates economic advisers--Kevin Hassett (McCain) and Brad DeLong (Barack Obama).

September, 2008
Historical Approaches to Economics: A Conference in Honor of Gavin Wright Agenda-Papers.

September, 2008
Summer Institute for High School Teachers Economic Challenges Facing the Next President of the United States.

August, 2008
SCID/SF federal reserve Bank Asia Finance Conference.

June, 2008
John Shoven Wallace R. Hawley Director, SIEPR will discuss New Age Thinking.

June, 2008
SCID India Conference on Policy Reform.

June, 2008
Modernization of Antitrust Law-Private and Public Enforcement and Abuses – Europe and the US SIEPR/John M. Olin Program-Stanford Law School/Hoover Institution.

May, 2008
Kenneth Rogoff Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy Department of Economics, Harvard University will discuss Is the US Sub-Prime Crisis So Different? An International Historical Comparison.

May, 2008
SIEPR Policy Forum: Reducing Global Poverty.

May 9, 2008
George Shultz and John Shoven Book preview: Putting Our House in Order: A Guide to Social Security and Health Care Reform.

April, 2008
Social Economics Conference
hosted by Ken Arrow and Matt Jackson

requires password

April, 2008
SF Fed president Janet Yellen will talk to SIEPR Associate.

April, 2008
2008 SIEPR Economic Summit Agenda with keynote by Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury.

March, 2008
Bruce Tolentino, the new economist at The Asia Foundation, and his team will speak about the Economic Governance Index for several countries in Asia. EGI provides rigorous analysis of the investment-competitiveness as well as the business-friendliness of local jurisdictions.

March, 2008
In January, Alan Krueger, Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University, will talk to SIEPR Associates about What Makes a Terrorist: Economics and the Roots of Terrorism.

January, 2008
SIEPR Advisory Board member and Managing Director of The Caryle Group, David Rubenstein, will speak to SIEPR Associates in January, 2008 about The Evolving World of Private Equity.

January, 2008
In December, John Gunn, President and Chief Investment Officer, Dodge & Cox Investment Managers, will discuss Equity Investment Survival with the SIEPR Associates.

December, 2007
SIEPR celebrates 25 years of economic excellence--Happy Anniversary!

November, 2007
SIEPR Policy Forum - The Economics of War, Peace & Security

November 2, 2007
Robert Ward, chairman of global forecasting for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), will speak at an event sponsored by SCID and APARC.

October, 2007
Special event in San Jose--A Look at the Economy with Michael Boskin, SIEPR Senior Fellow; Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution and Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) and Laura Tyson, Professor, Haas Business and Public Policy Group and Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA).

October, 2007
Associates meeting talk will be given by Jim Poterba, Mitsui Professor of Economics and the Head of the MIT Economics Department, and SIEPR Advisory Board member.

October, 2007
SCID-SF Federal Reserve conference Asian Banking: Challenges and Opportunities.

September, 2007
September Associates meeting with Jeremy Siegel, Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance at Wharton who will talk about Demographics and Asset Flows: the Global Solution.

September, 2007
SCID-Sustainable Development, Environmental Stewardship, Tsinghua University, Beijing and China University, Hong Kong.

September, 2007
High School Teachers Summer Institute Health Economics and Health Policy.

July, 2007
SCID-SF Federal Reserve conference Trends in Asian Financial Sectors.

June, 2007
SCID hosted Stanford India Conference - Development Research: Lessons for Indian Policy on June 7-8, 2007.

June, 2007
SIEPR Judy Lewent, CFO of Merck Pharmaceutical, retiring July 2007, will talk to the Associates.

June, 2007
SIEPR Policy Forum - Innovation Policy for the Next President Agenda.

June, 2007
Michael Oxley, Co-Sponsor of the Sarbanes Oxley Act and Vice Chairman of NASDEQ talked to the Associates.

May, 2007
Steve Poizner, California Insurance Commissioner talked to the Associates.

May, 2007
Director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Peter Orszag.

April, 2007
Economic Analysis and FCC Decisionmaking(pdf) conference presented by the FCBA and SIEPR in Washington, DC. Hosted and moderated by Greg Rosston, SIEPR and David Sieradzki Hogan & Hartson.

Presentations by Michelle Connolly, Chief Economist, Federal Communications Commission and Dennis Carlton, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economic Analysis, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice.

A panel discussion: "Network Neutrality" for Baseball? Economic Analysis of Exclusive Arrangements for Sports Video Distribution. with Harold Furchtgott-Roth, Furchtgott-Roth Economic Enterprises, Former FCC Commissioner, Roger Noll, Professor of Economics, Stanford University, Stephen Ross, Professor of Law, Penn State University .

April, 2007
Mexican Migration and Human Development Conference sponsored by SCID.

April, 2007
SCID will host Mirror Conferences in Bihar and Kerala, India, the first week of April 2007.

April, 2007
2007 SIEPR Economic Summit (Agenda) will feature Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Other speakers include Sandra Day O'Connor, Judge Richard Posner, health expert Mark McClellan and chairman of the CEA, Ed Lazear

March, 2007
SIEPR and Stanford Economics Department host the ABRAMOVITZ LECTURE
"Globalization, De-industrialization and Divergence in the Third World before the Modern Era" by Professor Jeffrey G. Williamson of Harvard University.

February, 2007
SIEPR Associates talk in February 2007 will feature Nick Bloom, Assistant Professor of Economics at Stanford University talked to SIEPR Associates in February, 2007 on Measuring and Explaining Management Practices in the US, Europe and Asia.

February, 2007
SIEPR Associates talk in January 2007 will feature Glenn Hubbard, Dean of Columbia Business School and the Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Economics.

January, 2007
SCID is planning to host a conference in Taiwan in December 2006 with featured talks on the Global Outlook and the Asian Economy and Trends on Technology, Life Sciences and the Environment.

December, 2006
SIEPR Associates meeting will feature Daniel Kessler, Associate Professor of Economics, Law and Policy, Graduate School of Business and CHP/PCOR Fellow, Stanford University and John Cogan, Leonard and Shirley Ely Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution and Senior Fellow, SIEPR.

December, 2006
SIEPR Policy Forum on Education invited students to participate and hear a variety of experts talk about education.

December 1, 2006
George Shultz, SIEPR Honorary Chair, and John B. Taylor, SIEPR Senior Fellow, will keynote a SIEPR event in San Francisco.

November, 2006
The Finance Minister of India will visit SCID and give a talk on the Stanford campus.

October, 2006
SIEPR Associates meeting will feature Bruce Chizen, Adobe CEO

October, 2006
Donald Marron, acting head of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), will speak to Associates at a breakfast in October.

October, 2006
John Pencavel the Pauline K. Levin-Robert L. Levin and Pauline C. Levin-Abraham Levin Professor of Humanities & Sciences at Stanford University and the Director, Stanford Center for International Development talked to the SIEPR Associates in September about Employment Performance in Europe and the US.

September, 2006
SIEPR High School Teachers Summer Institute

July-August, 2006
SIEPR Neuroeconomics Summer School with Antonio Rangel

July, 2006
John A. Thain, CEO of the NYSE Group, Inc. will speak to Associates at a breakfast in June.

June, 2006
SIEPR/SCID Pan Asia Conference Agenda (pdf)

June, 2006
Stanford Law professor Joe Grundfest will discuss Executive Compensation Disclosure: Will the SEC's New Disclosure Rules Change Compensation Practices? at the June Associates meeting

June, 2006
Associates meeting will feature Dan Reingold, author of the book Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst, who will give a talk titled Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst...What Eliot Spitzer Never Told You

May, 2006
SCID/WTO Conference and dinner with Dr. Panitchpakdi Supachai, Director General, UN Conference on Trade and Development and former WTO Director (2002-05).

April, 2006
Medicare Reform Project with Dr. Alan Garber

April, 2006
SCID Mirror conference in China--Tsinghua Third Annual Poilcy Conference in Beijing

April, 2006
Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Director, Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations talked at the April Associates meeting on American Economic Competitiveness: The Policy Agenda

April, 2006
SCID policy conference in Hong Kong at Chinese University of Hong Kong

April, 2006
SIEPR Policy Forum on Energy invites students to participate and hear a variety of experts talk about energy innovation. Panelists include Steve Westly, State Controller, Lyn Orr, Director of the Global Climate & Energy Project and former Secretary of State and Hoover Senior Fellow, George Shultz along with a host of others. Keynote speaker will be Vinod Khosla, of Khosla Ventures. Mr. Khosla is co-chairing a ballot initiative to get California to add an oil extraction tax. California is the only major oil producing state that doesn't have this sort of a tax. He sees the tax as raising $4 billion dollars over 10 years for petroleum reduction efforts, like FFV's and plug in hybrids.

April, 2006
SCID Mirror conference in India--Chandigarh and Jaipur

March, 2006
SIEPR Conference in Washington, DC--Economic Analysis and Decisionmaking at the FCC (agenda) with SIEPR Deputy Director, Greg Rosston

March, 2006
Associates meeting features Professor Doug Bernheim who will give a talk on Behavioral Economics: A Case of Addiction

March, 2006
SIEPR Economic Summit 2006 with Secretary of the Treasury John Snow giving opening remarks, lunch talk given by Google CEO, Eric Schmidt and keynote address given by Martin Feldstein
Panels -- Tax Reform with Jim Poterba and Joel Slemrod -- US economic relations with China with Stephen Roach and Lip Bu Tan -- Energy with James Sweeney
Critical Issue Sessions include panels on the Economics of Disaster Preparedness, Nanotechnology, Fed Policy for the Next Fed Chair and How Can California Meet It's Greenhouse Gas Targets?

March, 2006
SCID hosts the Sixth Annual Huang Lian Memorial Lecture with Professor Dwight Perkins, the Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University.

February, 2006
Morris Fiorina talked about the Political Division in America: Has Culture Eclipsed Economics? at the February Associates meeting

February, 2006
SIEPR co-sponsors an Economic Outlook with Comerica Bank with Dana Johnson, senior vice president and chief economist of Comerica and John Shoven, director of SIEPR.

January, 2006
William Lewis, author of The Power of Productivity, will speak at the January Associates meeting

January, 2006
Roger Noll will speak at the December Associates meeting on Challenges to Implementing California's Stem Cell Research Program

December, 2005
Workshop on Gender Differences in the Labor Market, A Multi Disciplinary Approach (password required)

November, 2005
Mike McCaffery, CEO Stanford Management Company, will speak at the November Associates meeting on Stanford Endowment Investment Strategy and Practice

November, 2005
Structure and Evolution of Institutions Conference (password required)

November, 2005
SCID/IMF/CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) Conference on China and India's Changing Economic Structures: Domestic and Regional Implications

October, 2005, in Beijing
John B. Taylor will speak at SIEPR Associates Meeting on International Finance in the Post 9/11 Era

October, 2005
SCID is supporter of Hong Kong-Guangdong Business Conference

October, 2005
SIEPR Associate Meeting featuring Tom Campbell, Director of Finance for the state of Californias speaking on Refurbishing the Golden State

September, 2005
SCID Conference China's Policy Reforms: Progress and Challenges

September, 2005
Summer Institute for High School Teachers
Economic Growth in the Twenty-First Century: Policies and Problems

August, 2005
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Stephen Roach, Chief Economist and Director of Global Economic Analysis, Morgan Stanley "Global Rebalancing: Now or Never?"

June, 2005
SCID India Conference on Indian Economic Reform

June, 2005
The Global Matrix of Growth: A Conference Honoring Ralph Landau's Legacy

May, 2005
SIEPR Associates Meeting "A Conversation with Lawrence H. Summers" President Harvard University.

May, 2005
SIEPR and IRiSS are sponsoring a reception and discussion on Social Security: A Conversation about Policy Alternatives.

May, 2005
Medicare Workshop with John Shoven and Alan Garber.

May, 2005
SIEPR Associates Meeting with John B. Shoven, The Wallace R. Hawley Director, SIEPR, Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics, Stanford University, and Peter R. Orszag, Joseph A. Pechman Senior Fellow, Economic Studies, Brookings Institution "Social Security".

May, 2005
SIEPR and the CA policy program are sponsoring a conference on Child Welfare lead by Tom MaCurdy SIEPR Senior Fellow and director of the California Policy Program.

May, 2005
Conference on China’s Policy Reforms: Capital Markets, Banking and Foreign Exchange Management Agenda (pdf) Tsinghua University, Beijing, sponsored by Stanford Center for International Development & National Center for Economic Research at Tsinghua University.

April, 2005
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Caroline Hoxby, Professor of Economics Harvard University "Reform, Technology, and Accountability: Making American Schools a Sound Place to Invest."

April, 2005
SIEPR and AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies will host a Telecommunications Conference in Washington DC.

March, 2005
Endogenous Institutional Change Conference with panels given by Steve Haber, Daron Acemoglu, Luigi Zingales, Enrico Perotti, Ken Sokoloff, and Jean Laurent Rosenthal. This conference reflects the work of a group of macro theorists, economic historians, financial economists, and comparative political scientists that have been coming together on an annual basis to advance the study of institutions and economic change.

March, 2005
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Pete Klenow, Professor of Economics, Stanford University"Is Asian Growth Good for the U.S.?"

March, 2005
SCID hosts the Fifth Huang Lian Memorial Lecture “Addressing Health Concerns in China” by John P. Howe, III, M.D., CEO and President, Project HOPE

February, 2005
SIEPR Economic Summit Agenda (pdf)
We will host the second SIEPR Economic Summit with keynote address given by former Fed Chair, Paul Volcker. Each year three of the top economic issues are discussed. Anne Krueger and John Taylor talked about the Stability of Global Economics; William Perry and George Shultz talked about the Economic Impact of Terrorism and John Lipsky and Janet Yellen talked about the Economic Outlook. Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Tom Friedman will close the plenary panels for the day. Critical Issue Sessions will cover Outsourcing, an Assessment of Sarbanes-Oxley, Medicare and Medicaid and Technology Policy.

February, 2005
Associates Meeting with Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.,, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System "Recovering Economies."

January, 2005
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Susan Decker, CFO of Yahoo, talked about the "Economics and the Internet: The Next 10 Years."

December, 2004
SCID Latin America Conference

November, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with David Brady, McCoy Professor of Political Science and Deputy Director of the Hoover Institution, will give "An Analysis of the Presidential Election."

November, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law and John A. Wilson Distinguished Faculty Scholar, Stanford Law School and founder of the school's Center for Internet and Society, "Remix Culture: Intellectual Property and Innovation."

October, 2004
SCID China Conference at SIEPR

October, 2004
SIEPR and AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies will host a Conference on Communications Policy at SIEPR.

October, 2004
SIEPR will host a presidential debate with Michael Boskin, the Tully Friedman Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and SIEPR and Alan Auerbach, the Robert D. Burch Professor of Economics and Law and Director, Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance at UC Berkeley.

October, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with SIEPR director John Shoven and Jeremy Bulow, the Richard Stepp Professor in the Graduate School of Business, will discuss the accounting of stock options.

September, 2004
SCID India Conference

June, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Victor R. Fuchs, the Henry J. Kaiser, Jr., Professor of Economics and Health Research and Policy, Emeritus, Stanford University, "Universal Healthcare Vouchers: An Efficient, Equitable Approach to Coverage for all Americans"

June, 2004
SCID India Conference

June, 2004
SCID China Conference in Bejing

May, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Kenneth Rogoff. Mr. Rogoff served as the Chief Economist and Director of Research, at the International Monetary Fund from August 2001 to September 2003. He is currently a Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

May, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with former governor Gray Davis who talked about The California Economy and Outsourcing.

May, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with N. Greg Mankiw, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA)

April, 2004
The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and SIEPR
Two Day Event Interest Rates and Monetary Policy

March, 2004
SIEPR Economic Summit
(pdf), Critical Issue Sessions (pdf)
All day event with emphasis on the Economic Crisis in Education, Entitlement Programs and the US Budget, Competition in the US and Europe--with numerous policy makers, corporate CEO's and Alan Greenspan as the keynote speaker.

February, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Martin Feldstein, George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University President, National Bureau of Economic Research

February, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Kenneth Scott, Ralph M. Parsons Professor of Law and Business at Stanford University and Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Emeritus, "Is the Road to Perdition Paved with Mutual Funds?"

January, 2004
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Antonio Borges, Vice Chairman and Managing Director Goldman Sachs International Founding Member, European Corporate Governance Institute, "Corporate Governance: A European Perspective"

January, 2004
SIEPR and FACS co-sponsor a media training on "California’s Electricity Future: Reliability, Supply and Cost" Available Papers from Event

December, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Alain C. Enthoven, Marriner S. Eccles Professor of Public and Private Management, Emeritus, Stanford University, "Can Employers Lead America to a Sustainable Market-Based Health Care System?"

December, 2003
FCC and SIEPR co-sponsor a conference on "Combinatorial Bidding Conference" in Maryland

November, 2003
SCID Latin America Conference

November, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Director, Congressional Budget Office and Trustee Professor of Economics, Maxwell School, Syracuse University, "The Federal Budget: Economic Friend or Foe?"

November, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with William McDonough, Chairman and CEO, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board talked about "Risk and Regulation: Restoring Confidence in American Capital Markets"

November, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Bruce Owen, Gordon Cain Senior Fellow, SIEPR

October, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Meg Whitman, President and CEO eBay

October, 2003
SCID China Conference

September, 2003
SIEPR/FACS One day training session for journalists (brochure pdf) on the Economic Crisis in Social Security and Medicare--How Will It be Resolved? with John Shoven, C. Eugene Steuerle presented "The Budget Squeze" (ppt), Alain C. Enthoven presented "Health Care Spending Out of Control? It's the Incentives Stupid!" (ppt), and Alan M. Garber

September 10, 2003
SIEPR High School Teachers Conference

August, 2003
CREDPR holds Fourth Annual Conference on Indian Economic Policy Reform, "The Indian Economy in the Coming Decade: Completing Reforms at the Centre and States." Sessions will include federalism and structural reform, agricultural reforms, rural development, education, and health sector reforms. Panel discussion entitled Road map for India: The Next Ten Years and Foreign Direct Investment.

June, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Mark McClellan, physician, former SIEPR economist and Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which regulates products accounting for 20% of American consumer spending, and has 10,000 staff members and an annual budget of $1.7 billion.

June, 2003
SIEPR/FACS One day training session (brochure pdf) for journalists on the Economic Crisis in Education with Education Secretary for the State of California Kerry Mazzoni, Chester E. Finn, Eric Hanushek and Arlene Ackerman.

Slides (pdf) Slides (ppt)
June, 2003
U.S. Budget Policy and Practice Conference
This Washington DC conference focused on whether the current set of budget accounts provide the most accurate measure of fiscal position for the federal government. The program featured many of the top economists and policy makers in the country today: among them are David Walker, the Comptroller General of the United States; Peter Fisher, the Undersecretary of Treasury for Domestic Finance; Michael Boskin, former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors; Douglas Holtz-Eakin, the current CBO Director as well as two former CBO Directors, Robert Reischauer and Rudy Penner; Mark Weinberger, former Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Tax Policy, and an all-star cast of academic and private sector economists.

May 8, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Edward P. Lazear, the Jack Steele Parker Professor of Economics and Human Resources Management in the Graduate School of Business and a SIEPR Senior Fellow and Steering Committee member. He will discuss "Entrepreneurship"

May 6, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Edward F. McKelvey, Vice President and Senior Economist at Goldman Sachs and Company, where he is responsible for setting the U.S. economic outlook " Slogging Through the Dark Side of the Brave New Business Cycle"

April 17, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Robert T. Parry, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for the past 16 years "The U.S. and the Regional Economies: A Monetary Policy Maker's Perspective"

March 4, 2003
SIEPR CONFERENCE - (open to the public)
Lessons from the Financial Markets Asset Pricing, Corporate Governance and Auditing
"Asset Pricing: New Models"
with William F. Sharpe, Nobel Laureate and STANCO 25 Professor of Finance, Emeritus, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"Corporate Governance and Auditing"
with Joseph A. Grundfest, William A. Franke Professor of Law and Business at Stanford Law School and Former Securities and Exchange Commissioner, Mary Barth, Atholl McBean Professor of Accounting and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and member, International Accounting Standards Board, Gary Matuszak, Partner and Industry Sector Leader-Software and Services, KPMG

February 7, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting (dinner - by invitation only) with John Chambers, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cisco Systems "Productivity and Technology: Today's Business Solution"

February 7, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with William J. Perry, the Michael and Barbara Berberian Professor at Stanford University, with a joint appointment in the School of Engineering and the Institute for International Studies "Insights on China"

January 15, 2003
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Rick J. Hayes, Senior Investment Officer, CalPERS Alternative Investment Management (AIM) Program, the nation's largest pension fund "The Past, Present and Future of Alternative Asset Investments: An Institutional Investor's Perspective"

December 11, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Victor A. Canto, Chairman, La Jolla Institute, "The Tax Code and the Capital Structure of American Business"

November 19, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with William E. Kennard, Carlyle Group, Former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, "The Future of Telecommunications and the Media"

November 5, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with John Cogan, SIEPR Steering Committee member and the Leonard and Shirley Ely Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution "What Happened to the Federal Government Budget Surplus?"

October 17, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with George G. C. Parker, Dean Witter Professor of Finance and Management (Teaching); Graduate School of Business Trust Faculty fellow for 2001-02; Co-director of the Financial Management Executive Program "After Enron Can Reported Earnings Ever be Trusted Again?"

September 25, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) R. Glenn Hubbard "The State of the Economy"

June 20, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with John P. Lipsky "An Economic and Financial Outlook"

May 7, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with 2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics A. Michael Spence "Signaling in Retrospect and the Informational Structure of Markets"

Apr 16, 2002
SIEPR Associates Breakfast with Paul R. Krugman, Professor, Princeton University

Mar 19, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Michael J. Boskin "Do We Really Have a (Net) National Debt? Deferred Taxes in the Public Finances"

Mar 5, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Joseph A. Grundfest "Enron: The Public Policy Implications"

Feb 19, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with George Shultz on Global Security

Jan 17, 2002
SIEPR Associates Meeting with Charles A. James, Justice Department's antitrust chief talking about "U.S. Antitrust Policy"

Dec 6, 2001
First Abramovitz Lecture - Angus Maddison
SIEPR and Stanford Economics Department
"Growth and Interaction within the World Economy: the West and the Rest over the Past Millennium"

Nov 28, 2001
SIEPR Associates Meeting - Robert Kapp
"Business and the U.S.-China Relationship"

Nov 15, 2001
Second Combinatorial Auction Conference
Sponsored by the FCC, SIEPR and NSF
Schedule (pdf)

Oct. 26-28, 2001
Hoover Institution and SIEPR Conference On the California Electricity Problem

Oct 18 & 19, 2001
SIEPR Associates Meeting (Reunion Weekend) - John Shoven and Henry J. Aaron
"The Future of Social Security"

Oct 11, 2001
The Effects of Credit Market Frictions on the Macroeconomy: Growth, Business Cycles and the Distribution of Resources (SIEPR)
   (by invitation only)
AGENDA (pdf)

August 15-18, 2001
The 14th Annual Summer Economic Institute for Teachers (SIEPR)
   Downloadable Papers

July 23-27, 2001
Associates meeting, featuring James Poterba
"The Wealth Effect: Economic Consequences of Changing Stock Market Values"

June 14, 2001
Silicon Valley and Its Imitators
   (by invitation only)

March 19-20,
Asset Location
   (by invitation only)
Organized by Ken French, Jim Poterba and John Shoven through the Finance Program of SIEPR

   AGENDA  pdf    Downloadable Papers

March 23,
Asset Prices, Exchange Rates, and Monetary Policy
   (by invitation only)
(Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and SIEPR)

   AGENDA  pdf   Downloadable Papers

March 2-3,
The Future of the Internet, E-Commerce, and Public Policy
  (by invitation only)
AGENDA Sponsred by SIEPR

February 2-3, 2001
Bridging The Digital Divide
Home Page co-sponsored by SIEPR

December 9, 2000
Asia-Pacific Information Technology Summit  
Home Page (Registration required) supported by SIEPR

November 15-17, 2000
Fiscal and Financial Reform in Latin America  
AGENDA  [pdf]  (by invitation only)
sponsored by CREDPR.
  Downloadable Papers
November 9-11, 2000
Conference on Public Policies and Private Pensions
  (by invitation only)co-sponsored by SIEPR

September 21-22, 2000
Technological Change in Healthcare (TECH) Research Network
2nd International Conference

AGENDA  (by invitation only) co-sponsored by SIEPR

September 7-9, 2000
New Research on Education in Developing Countries
  (by invitation only)
The conference is sponsored by a generous gift from the Mellon Foundation to the Center  for Research on Economic Development and Policy Reform (CREDPR) and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR).
   Downloadable Papers

August 25-26, 2000
Silicon Valley and Its Imitators (CREEG)
   Downloadable Papers (requires userID and Password)

July 28, 2000
The 13th Annual Summer Economic Institute for Teachers (SIEPR)

July 10-14, 2000
Economic Growth, Technology, and Population - A Conference in Honor of Paul A. David
  Downloadable Papers

June 2-3, 2000
Conference on Indian Economic Prospects: Advancing Policy Reform (CREDPR)  
May, 2000
Structural Change and Monetary Policy
  Agenda (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and SIEPR)  

March 3-4, 2000
Monetary Policy and Monetary Institutions
   (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and SIEPR)  

March 5-6, 1999
Conference on Policy Reform in China (CREDPR)  

Policy Reform: What We Know and What We Need to Know (CREDPR)  


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